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WORKPLACE GIVING -  is a simple and effective way for individuals to make regular donations to the GR8M8S Foundation through automated payroll deductions.


Employees workplace giving allows you as an employee to make a regular donation off your gross pay. Your employer sends your donation to us in one lump sum along with other employees' donations.


You can easily claim a deduction for donations in your annual tax return off the information provided by your employer on your employee payment summary.


It's a quick and easy way for you to support The GR8M8S Foundation, and because we receive your donation in a lump sum and don't need to send you an individual tax receipt, it's also quick and easy for us to process.


To enrol in workplace giving contact your payroll or human resources manager to find out about your company's program or for more information please contact us today.


The GR8M8S Foundation is proud to be supported through workplace giving programs at companies and organisations large and small, throughout Australia. Establishing a workplace giving program engages your employees and demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility. A program is easy to set-up and is a simple, efficient way to support your employees' desire to give back to their community.


In addition, implementing a matched giving program - whereby the company matches all or a percentage of employees' contributions - is a powerful incentive, bringing employees together and boosting morale as well as substantially increasing your combined support. Knowing you are contributing to an amazing cause certainly makes going to work all the more better.


To learn more about The GR8M8S Foundation workplace giving program, or for information on establishing your company's program, please contact us today.


Once you have your 'Workplace Giving' model set up, simply forward the funds into the account nominated below. After your deposit has been made, we will forward on the receipt to you.


Our friendly staff will be of assistance to you with any queries you may have.

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