BEQUESTS -  (a gift or donation of any size in your will) is an extraordinary act of generosity and a way to make a significant difference beyond your lifetime, helping us continue to support our next generation in schools and people in the community.


How your bequest will make a difference. Bequests are essential to help us funding projects and the needs of people within the community. We are constantly inundated with requests for assistance and the more funds we have, the more we are able to assist others in need.


We are immensely grateful for any gift - no matter how large or small - that is left to us.


How to leave a gift in your Will:


Leaving a bequest to The GR8M8S Foundation is a simple and straightforward way to continue your support and leave a lasting legacy. If you are planning to remember The GR8M8S Foundation in your Will we strongly recommend that you discuss it with your solicitor who can assist with the preparation of your Will and ensure your wishes are met.


Whilst there are many ways to leave a gift in your Will, the simplest and most common are:


A percentage: This allows you to ensure your loved ones are looked after as well as giving a gift to The GR8M8S Foundation. This is often regarded as the most flexible way to leave a bequest; as you don't have to keep altering your Will to adjust the value of your gift to account for inflation, or changes to your circumstances.​


A specific sum: Leaving a fixed amount of money from your estate. It's important to know this does not allow for changes in your circumstances or inflation and may need to be changed over time.​


The Residue: The Residue is a gift of ultimately whatever remains in your estate after your loved ones have been taken care of.​


Whole estate: In this instance, a person might bequest their entire estate to The GR8M8S Foundation.​


Other types of bequest: Gifts such as shares, paintings, a life-insurance policy or property can also be left to The GR8M8S Foundation.​​


Suggested Wording: If you would like to make a bequest, you will need to ask your solicitor to insert a clause in your Will.You may wish to use the following sample wording: I GIVE to The GR8M8S Foundation Incorporated ......% of my estate OR the rest and residue of my estate OR the sum of $.....(nominated gift) for its general purposes, free of all duties and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death. PROVIDED THAT if that organisation cannot receive a gift, then that gift shall be made to the charitable organisation in the relevant jurisdiction that my executor considers most closely reflects the objectives of the originally nominated organisation.If you already have a Will Your Will can easily be amended to include a gift to The GR8M8S Foundation. Your official trustee/solicitor can advise you on the best way to do this. It may be as simple as adding the sample wording as a codicil (addendum).


Wish to find out more ?


We encourage you to discuss this with your solicitor as they will provide you with all the legal knowledge required to create a smooth transaction.


If you would like to discuss a 'Bequest' with us, simply contact us today we will provide you with all relevant information. 


Thank you for considering a gift to The GR8M8S Foundation in your Will. We understand what a significant decision this can be and we sincerely appreciate your support. Please know that any information you provide us with is simply a statement of your current intentions and is in no way legally binding and will be kept in the strictest confidence.


The GR8M8S Foundation continues to do amazing work in the schools of Australia and throughout the community and we look forward to sharing many magic moments with you and to help make the lives of those we encounter richer in every way.