About Us

The GR8M8S Foundation was born from an extraordinary opportunity, a 'sliding door moment'.


Acting upon that moment has now helped change the lives of many people, young and old both here in Australia and around the world.


The team at GR8M8S are truly dedicated to helping the children of today to gain a 'Fresh Start' tomorrow and with your contribution we will be able to help so many more. We are a team that are very aligned with our values and that is what has created such a brilliant culture for the foundation and all it's members and recipients.


We at The GR8M8S Foundation are not into maintaining the status quo. We are very focused on empowering the people we help and providing them with the resources they require to sustain a much better quality of life.


We help by:


  • Supplying food and clothing

  • Housing and accommodation

  • Employment opportunities

  • Sporting programs to help unite and create a sense of belonging

  • Personal development programs to enhance their life skills

  • Business development to enahnce their employment opportunities

  • Reuniting children with their families

  • Hosting fantastic events to help raise awareness and valuable funds



We are proud to share that we have generated a culture of people and businesses who see the true value in helping those in need. Our sponsors not only assist financially, they create their own fund raising events as well as participating in the programs and events held by The GR8M8S Foundation.



Where does the money go?



The GR8M8S Foundation prides itself on the fact that we give a full 100% to the cause. All directors were chosen due to the fact that they fully donate their time and also give financial support to the foundation. We feel it is important to share as some people are cautious about donating and not knowing where the money goes.


Many people who donate to the foundation become close friends and often become more involved and we encourage you all to part of the magic we share.

One Cup Gets The 

Thumbs Up!

What you pay for One Coffee per week will make a huge difference in the life of a child in need today.
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