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Pause for a moment and just think how many TV images or Facebook posts you have seen lately that contain images of people in need. Now hold that image and see how many children are included. 


In today's world, the need for assistance is forever growing and we at The GR8M8S Foundation are dedicated to contuing the awesome work we do with the many members and volunteers that help us help those in need. 


With your help, together we will all put smiles on the faces of those who very rarely do.

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Our ''Fresh Start'' Programs Continue to be Very Successful both

Nationally and Internationally

The GR8M8S Foundation have touched the hearts of many children and people in need both here in Australia and in other countries around the world.


Our ''Fresh Start'' programs allow children and adults to acquire the resources they need to gain a solid foundation for themselves moving forward.


Our passion to see people truly happy is what drives us and the more people we can muster will result in a greater number of people we will be able to assist.


Below are a sample of some of the programs we have that assist people in moving forward in their lives.

FRESH FOOD DROPS - What started as a few food drops to households per week, has now become a far more regular event for the team at The GR8M8S Foundation. The requests we receive for fresh food and basic necessities has risen greatly and by your generous support, we will continue to help as many people and families as we can.


To see and hear of children missing out on the very basics we take for granted really pulls at the heart strings and to be able to give to them and see them happy is priceless.


With the kind donations from the public as well as businesses and schools in the greater community, we aim to ensure everyone is provided for and receives what they truly deserve.

HEALTH & WELL BEING - In today's world more and more people are affected by illness and injury and often times lack resources to enable them to mend quickly. 


The GR8M8S Foundation helps many people and families in need to ensure that they receive all they require to heal in the best way.


Our fantastic work has stretched around Australia and around the world. We often get contacted by people who are facing hardship and we endeavour to assist in any way we can.


Food, medication and healing aids are just some of the things we give. We also aid in transport to make life easier for them to get about and to necessary places.

FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES - Working with the greater community is something we truly pride ourself upon. We work alongside other such agencies to create programs that are of great benefit to all.


Sports teams, personal development and general [programs are generated to enahnce the confidence and self esteem of many people of all ages. Our programs are designed to help people connect and rediscover their true talents and abilities.


We have experienced outstanding success with all that we have created and it is extremely fulfilling to have our volunteers as part of what we do.


Help us, help all those in need today.

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS - The GR8M8S Foundation has been involved with creating viable and sustainable programs in countries that are or have experienced extreme hardship.


We have asissted people in war torn countries, where their food supply and general needs are far from adequate.With the fantastic generosity of the people who donate to us, we are able to help feed and supply the basic necessities that they need.


Seeing the smiles on their faces is priceless and the most remarkable thing we find, is that the more poor the area we visit, the bigger and more frequent the smiles.


It teaches us just how little we really need to be happy.

School Programs - There are so many children, parents, teachers and principals in schools who are going through personal challenges with very little direction.


This unfortunately creates a domino effect where it soon infects their ability to perform at their best in school work and other related topics.​Our expertise has enabled us to teach all around the world with absolutely brilliant success.


We have experienced challenges on all scales and have produced the outcome that is suitable for the recipient.​When you hire us, you will have the knowing that you and all the people associated with your school (Including parents) will benefit immensely.​


We encourage all schools to include the parents on the days we visit as often the case the children experience it at school and it is left there. We see it as a massive advantage that it is carried on at home, so that there is consistency throughout.​


We would rather see everyone gain the maximum benefit, rather than just the one group. It creates a level playing field and it also allows the entire school and it's members (parents) to be on the same page and create an even greater support group, rather than everyone just relying on the school teachers and administration.​​​

Sports Programs - A fantastic initiative the foundation has is setting up effective sports programs that children and adults of all ages can feel a sense of belonging as well as gaining valuable life skills.


We have been huge supporters in bringing people together in a recreational way to have fun and make new connections that will serve them well in years to come.


Our aim is to share our knowledge and allow each participant to gain life skills that will help them both personally and professionally.


The success from our programs has been outstanding and a true testament to the directors and volunteers who continue to help along the way.


Another part of the sporting programs is to actually supply equipment and sports uniforms for the players of each team we assist.


For the longest time they have been receiving hand me downs and we felt it was very necessary to help clothe them in new apparel so that they see they are truly valuable too.


The more help you provide with donations, the more we can give to those in need today.

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